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Luxury and affordable travel

We provide tours, safaris and river rafting for groups of all sizes and ages to many destinations within, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Affordable,luxury lodge, accommodated or camping tours and safaris. Breede River Rafting on the Breede River and Orange River Rafting on the Orange River. Professional assistance to self drive clients. Individual itineraries catering for specific needs. Specialist service by our experienced personnel.

  • Breede River Rafting

    Breede River Rafting

    Xama Adventures provides relaxing Breede River rafting trips on the Breede River.

  • Orange River Rafting

    Orange River Rafting

    Come and experience an memorable excursion with Xama Adventure on the Orange River.

  • Namibia Safaris

    Namibia Safaris

    Join us as we travel up the West Coast of South Africa and into the ‘land of contrasts' known as Namibia.