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Our Story

Xama is one of Africa’s premier independent safari and rafting companies, offering all inclusive, tailored African experiences and authentic itineraries.  Xama started in the adventure travel and safari industry at the end of 2003.  

Our first tours were conducted with small safari vehicles and over the years we have built up reliable charter connections and now offer self drive tag along safaris too. We are hands on with our featured tours and destinations and have built local relationships to ensure a unique travel experience.  We create multi-day, private guided travel experiences through Southern Africa for families, schools, corporate, friends.

Over the past 15 years we have conducted a number of overland tours and have hosted travelers and visitors from across the globe. Our decision to specialize in responsible travel and sustainable tourism has helped us to become one of the leading operators in small group travel, which has given us the personal touch and unique experiences that we enjoy sharing with our travelers and guests today.  

Xama works with certified crew for all safari operations, on both land and river, who are passionate and knowledgeable about their industry.  We take pride in presentation and  providing an outstanding service from booking enquiry to conclusion of tour.  We aim to provide services with the highest standard of ethics, appropriate tour conduct and good value.  We take time to explore our extensive natural surroundings venturing off the beaten track.

Meet The Team

Why Xama

  • Over 20 years experience in the industry managing a successful operation.
  • Hosted by highly qualified & experienced Private guides living the lifestyle. 
  • Knowledge of ground level travel.
  • Financial Insurances Guaranteed.
  • Bespoke Travel programs.
  • We partner with the best local tour operators & hospitality partners to provide the best experiences & adventure travels

Small Group Travel Advantages

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint.
  • Personalised Service.
  • Flexibility Around Tour Experiences & Time Management.
  • Accessibility to Roads Less Travelled & Hidden Gems.
  • Fantastic Photo Opportunities with Lesser Time Constraints.
    Office Support.


In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks

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