Xama Oewerbos River Camp and Lodge


Welcome to our Orange River lodge and camp called Oewerbos, based on the banks of the Orange River near Vioolsdrift in the Northern Cape.

The Orange River originates from the Lesotho highlands up in the Drakensberg Mountains and meanders through South Africa and the Richtersveld Desert Reserve before it joins the Atlantic Ocean. The Richtersveld is a unique desert reserve that shows the signs of old volcanic mountains, the trails of Khoi -San people and the arid nature of an unforgiving desert reserve that lives off the Orange River. 50% of the succulent plants are endemic to the region and it is famous for its many semi-precious stones.

Our camp Oewerbos River Camp and Lodge provides you with safe parking, hot showers, flush toilets, shaded grassed campsites, bar facilities, Swimming pool, pizza and burger restaurant and DSTV. On arrival our friendly camp staff and guides will welcome you to the camp and show you around before you settle in to our relaxing camp and atmosphere.

This is the perfect destination for a stop over en-route to Namibia or returning to SA, entering or exiting the World Heritage site of the Richtersveld or to spend a few days relaxing on the banks of the Orange River enjoying the peaceful environment and surrounding atmosphere. Great for family and friends to unwind away from the busy city life.

Activities Offered:

  • 1 Day Orange River Day Trip - bookings made at reception.
  • 4 Day River Rafting Expedition - more info and bookings at info@xama.co.za.
  • 5 Day River Rafting Expedition - more info and bookings at info@xama.co.za.
  • Richtersveld 4x4 Excursions - more info and bookings at info@xama.co.za.
  • Southern Namibia Desert and Sea expedition 10 day safari - more info and bookings at info@xama.co.za.





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