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Photo Gallery

Nice sunsetleopard in a treedunes and treeSan cultural tourrhinosleopard relaxingmassive birds nestlocal fishermensunset next to riverlocal children next to anthillelephantssafarissurvival skillstouching a big catlions on safaribig fish caught in the riverwildebeest drinking waterduikersSan bushmenpretty birdsurvival skilswalking on the beachtour bus and groupcheetahlocal fishermenrelaxing in the riversunset over the riverrock formationselephants in the rivernatural sceneryBlack RhinocheetahZebraearly morningHimba childlazy lionLeopard close upLost in townMale Elephantpipe organsOryxPoliticiansskeleton coastwide loadSwakopmund

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