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Namibian Photographic Safari for British tourists

British Group

During the month of August, Xama Adventures had the pleasure of taking some British tourist to Namibia on a photographic safari.

We met the clients in Windhoek and began our safari with a welcome dinner at the world famous Joe’s Beer House.

The evening was a delight with a vast arrangement of décor and different meals to choose from. Friends where made quickly and the following day we set of on our African Adventure into Northern Namibia. Etosha was our first destination where we spent three days of game viewing. Zebra, Giraffe, Elephants and lions where in abundance for us to test the camera’s and skills.

  • Etosha Camp
  • Himba Tour
  • Elelphant Cascade

On day two in Etosha National Park we hit the jack pot. While sitting at a waterhole watching a heard of 35 plus elephants our guide (James) scanned the area and noticed a very unique and special sight. The landcrusier was started and we moved to a strategic spot within the car park. The thought of the other viewers must have been very confused as why would our group be changing our focus onto something that looked like bushes and grass.

Then out of the shadows strolled a cat form image, as the bright midday sun beat down we realized what we where looking at. She was strong, powerful, her spots perfect in pattern, as she majestically in silence made her way down to the waters edge for a drink of water. It was a female leopard, spectacular in full view as we snapped away with our camera’s.

Marking this point in the safari as one of our many highlights yet we where only on day two.

  • Girrafe
  • Leopard
  • Male Elelphant

Every day we where spoiled with exciting scenery, changes in weather and the contrasting lands as we travel from the North towards the Atlantic Ocean. Our focal points and camera lenses worked hard as we discovered how beautiful Namibia is. Meeting the Himba tribe with their unique orca mud dressings and jewellery, the Herero people with their brightly coloured dresses and learnt about the San (Bushman) and the importance of their engravings, where all part of our safari package.

Down South we experienced sunrise in the Namib Desert (the oldest desert in the world), climbed dune 45 and visited dead vlei and the new Sosousvlei. The oldest canyon in the world, the Fish River canyon and crossing the mighty Orange River all flowed into one great memory of a safari with Xama Adventures is something we will never to forget. Definitely the ultimate way to experience and explore Namibia.

  • Himba lady
  • Tsosousvlei
  • namibian desert

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