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Namibian Safari for Canadian Tourists

Canadian Group

The flight was long from across the oceans, a quick change over in Johannesburg, and before we knew it we had landed in Windhoek to begin our African Adventure.

James, our guide, met us at the guest house and settled us in before giving us a day of leisure to shop and unwind.

We where excited, awaiting to begin our Safari with Xama adventures. This had been on our wish list for a while and finally it was becoming a reality.

Our first destination was Etosha National Park and by far this was a must for anyone wanting to visit Namibia. We where delighted to see so many animals, and changes of scenery. Don’t think our camera’s left our side and you’ll be surprised how sleepy one can get form taking in so much information and scenery everyday. No wonder Xama has specialized in creating such personal and well planned packages as the lodges we stayed in matched the beauty of the Namibia and where well enjoyed as we sipped on our sundowners and lounged at the spacious lodges after a busy day out in the bush. The food was exceptional and accommodation well beyond what one would have expected planning an African safari.

  • Dune sunrise in Namibia
  • Desert Roads
  • Etosha sunset

We even had the chance to eat fresh oysters and other sea food delights at the end of the pier, in the seaside town of Swakopmund, while watching the sun disappear beyond the ocean’s horizon.

The people where very friendly and helpful and we had a lot of great laughs. Even bartering for some of our curios, which made a great change form the western shops and ways. We learnt very quickly why Namibia is such a sort after destination to enjoy as a holiday.

The warm African sun warmed our backs and guided us along the dusty roads. The change in vegetation was dramatic along with the geological features which would be a geologist paradise. Our walk in the Namib Desert and luxury road side picnics organized by our trusty guide are something to remember and we only wish we knew where he managed to hide all the goodies from us. Every meal was a treat and who would have thought of eating apple crumble with ice-cream in the middle of the desert.

As we made our way down through Namibia we met fellow travellers and it was great to listen in the evening of their experiences, comparing them to our own. Trust me travelling with Xama Adventures was by far the best choice as we told of our experiences. We even got to play with some cheetahs and see a leopard lounging in an acacia tree.

  • Cheetah
  • Leopard in acacia tree
  • rock engravings

Crossing the border into South Africa was swift and effortless. Our journey continued further as we moved away from the dry dusty roads and into the lush green scenery of the Western Cape.

We had the chance to visit a San cultural centre and meet some locals of the West Coast ending our fantastic safari with the world famous Table Mountain in sight as we arrived in Cape Town.

We look forward to making use of Xama Adventures again and to our next African Safari.

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