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Reddam Tokai School Trip and Rondebosch Boys High School Trip

Late September 120 Reddam grade 9 and 8 teachers scholars joined Xama Adventures up on the mighty Orange River to experience the wilderness paddle over a three day period. The drive up was long and hot but on arrival with the sight of the river and border crossing procedures complete all welcomed the relaxing atmosphere of our base Oewerbos River Camp.

There was excitement in the air and the camp was busy with keen young rafters packing equipment and getting ready for their adventure down river.

The following day the senior Xama guides ensured everyone was set and ready to go, a safety speech was given along with some environmental information about the pristine wilderness we where about to explore.

We embarked, and before we knew it we where enjoying the thrills and spills of what the mighty Orange River had to show us, with our two-man inflatable rafts. The guides where packed high, all food dry and negotiated our path through the channels with ultimate care and professionalism. Each evening we where treated to mouth watering bush cuisine prepared by the Xama crew and every day we had more exciting rapids and spectacular scenery to enjoy.

Friends where made and trust gained, as we learnt to follow the ancient water ways. Rapids such as ‘nappy run’, ‘entrance exam’, ‘king kong’ and ‘misty cliff’ where conquered and enjoyed by all.

  • Rondebosch Boys High School Trip
  • Safety Speach
  • Rapid Rafting

Who could forget the hard working Xama crew and the jokes they told and made. Always willing to help and assist no matter what the request. Teaching and showing us new tricks and ways to tie down our equipment.

Before we knew it the trip had come to an end and we packed our equipment into the busses and take out vehicles before heading back to camp for our final nights dinner.

We where treated to a surprise as the guides pulled out a piping hot apple crumble from the coals, which was enjoyed by all around the camp fire as we listened contently to the story of who Xama was and how Xama Adventures got its name. 

For the guides life was much different as once the group had left and good byes where said they rocked back into working mode and prepared the equipment and stock for the next group from Rondebosch Boys High to join them at the river. This was to be a smaller group of just 16 boys and two teachers.

This trip was set to be enjoyed over four days of rafting, travelling a distance of approx 65km to the take out point called Auzenkheur farms (the largest table grape farm in the southern hemisphere).

  • Camp Set Up
  • Lunch on the river
  • Nappy Run

Being a smaller group one had more chance to relax and enjoy the river banks as we floated and paddled past. Some larger rapids, and longer pools where enjoyed, some swam some lay back in the sun and relaxed. Even the guides too seemed to have more time on their hands, although in saying so always where busy preparing food and making sure we had the best of the best campsites to enjoy the natural blanket of stars above.

The last night was enjoyed back at camp where we where treated to the Orange River pizza that has become part of the Xama tradition. This was grazed on the sun deck over looking the river as the sun disappeared behind the harsh desert rocks and settled into the dust.

On a whole the start of summer had come and rafting season had begun. Everything ran smoothly as clock work should and we look forward to the river trips ahead.

Next Rafting event is our annual New Years rafting trip. We will be running trips on the Breede River form the 29th Dec’11 to 1st Jan’12, and on the Orange River from the 28th Dec’11 to 1st Jan 12. Do contact us for bookings.

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