Terms & Conditions


Bookings can be made 7 days a week. 48 hours in advance (day tours only). International and national tours, 3 weeks advance notice is required.
All safaris tours are subject to minimum of 2 passengers. (25% surcharge for less than 2 passengers). Package tours are set as per quotation per tour.
All river rafting tours are subject to minimum 12 persons.
All tours departure and arrival times are approximate.
Luggage and personal possessions are carried at your own risk.
Passengers are allowed, preferably, 1 small rucksack or a small bag. 
All baggage and personal effects are at all times the client’s risk.
Xama Adventures except no responsibility for missed flights or any other inconvenience, while in the service of Xama Adventures.
Full payment to be made prior to departure. A non-refundable portion of the deposit is payable on booking which forms part of our 50% booking fee to secure a booking.
Passengers are strongly advised to take out travel insurance covering personal accidents, medical expenses and baggage loss
Xama Adventures will not accept responsibility for any accident, injury, death, illness or delays from any cause whatsoever sustained or suffered by any person or theft or loss of, or damage to any property, occurring during matters relating to accommodation, sight -seeing and transport of any means. 
Any claims arising shall be subject to South African Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African Courts.Xama Adventures reserves the right to change our routes, conditions and rates without prior notice.

A non-refundable 15% forms part of the 50% deposit required to secure a booking. The amount forms part of the payment for the trip and shall be offset to the total amount charged to the client/agent. If the full amount is not paid by thirty (30) working days prior to departure, the Company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and the deposit shall be forfeit. Clients booking within thirty (30) days of tour departure are required to pay the full amount immediately to secure.

In the case of a booking cancellation, the Company shall retain the full deposit. If a booking is cancelled less than twenty-one (21) business days prior to tour departure date, arrival of groups, then the client is subject to a cancellation fee as follows:
* 30-37 days 50% of the total fare
* 21-30 days 65% of the total fare
* 0-30 days  100% of the total fare

Any client joining a tour after departure date, or not at all, or leaving before the completion of the tour for any reason whatsoever, is not entitled to any refunds whatsoever from the Company, or entitled to claim any costs for any added expenses they incur. The Company reserves the right to cancel any tour at its sole and absolute discretion, without prior notification in instances where this is unavoidable. However, in this instance the Company agrees to refund all monies already paid by the client. This shall be the Company’s sole responsibility to the client and no claim for any damages, howsoever arising, shall accrue against the Company. Tours are subject to minimum of 2 persons and rafting trips are subject to minimum of 10 persons. If that number is not obtained, the Company reserves the right to cancel the tour. A full refund would then be payable to all booked rafting activities or portion thereof.


In order to secure a booking a non-refundable deposit referred to below must be paid. For Instance Deposit required: 50% of trip total. Deposit is dependent on Booking requirements. For camping or camp venue booking or group booking other formats of communication i.e  email, whatsapp or mobile text will form part of the correspondence for booking info as each group is different. For a safari or tour confirmation will include directions, kit lists, itineraries and other important information. We shall endeavor to ensure that all literature and/or brochures covering trips are correct at the time of printing. We cannot be held responsible for any changes after printing or for any inaccuracies or errors in such literature and/or brochures. Please ensure that you receive all this information.

Receipt of your deposit therefore represents an acceptance by you of these/our terms and conditions.

The balance of the cost of the trip is payable no less than 30 days prior to trip departure.

31-60 days prior to trip departure full refund less non-refundable deposit. This refund excludes any trip extras [Examples: Equipment + Transfers + Additional Guides etc]
0-30 days –prior to trip departure. NO REFUND WHATSOEVER . FULL AMOUNT WILL BE PAYABLE

31-60 days prior to trip departure – no transfer or cancellation fee will be charged and your deposit will remain intact.
15-30 days prior to trip departure –50% off full trip value will be charged to transfer your dates.
0-14 days prior to trip departure – 100% of purchase price will be forfeited.With regards to postponements due to covid we will not add a transfer date fee. The deposit will be rolled over to the next available date.

In the unlikely event that we, or our operators have to cancel a trip due to any cause, Xama Adventures cc will make every effort to offer an alternative trip. Should the trip not be acceptable you will be entitled to an immediate and full refund. In conclusion should you commit any breach of the terms and conditions hereof or of any safety rules we reserve the right without prejudice to any other rights available to us in law to cancel this contract forthwith.

If, after confirmation of your booking, you would like to make amendments to your existing booking, you need to inform Xama Adventures in writing of such request. Xama Adventures is not obliged to grant such request, and extended or amended dates will be subject to availability. Where a request is made for a shorter stay than originally booked, a reasonable cancellation fee may be charged.
*Adjustments in Xama Adventures Camps’ alteration policy due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as of 3 April 2020:
In the event you cannot travel to our camps due to COVID-19 related issues you can change your booking to a date within 18 months of your original check-in date, subject to availability and free of charge. Changes must be made 7 days prior to the original arrival date.
Any bookings moved based on these revised alteration terms cannot be transferred to other guests.
Only one amendment to travel dates may be made.
Original rates will apply if your booking is moved to the same season. If your booking is moved from a low season period to a high season period, you will have to pay a difference. No refunds will be made in the event that your booking moves to a period with a lower rate.
Minimum night stays will still apply.
You will not be able to move your booking from one camp to another.

You are personally responsible for arranging your own insurance and the costs thereof. When arranging your insurance please ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for this type of activity. Please note that you and your personal property, baggage and money are at all times solely your responsibility. Furthermore, our tours depart at scheduled times and we cannot be held responsible for any loss you may suffer. Or additional costs you may incur as a result of your inability to meet the departure times.

Where passports are required, the onus is on you to ensure that passports and visas are valid. Check that you are in possession of the required documentation as required by the countries visited. Xama Adventures cc, our staff/agents cannot be held responsible for where clients have not ensured updated/renewed passports or lack of valid travel documentation.

Please consult your doctor for specific advice regarding malaria infected areas and anti-malaria precautions. If you are a carrier of a contagious disease you are obliged to advise our reservations office on booking. All travel involves some physical exertion (even non-trekking tours). Examples, altitude, extreme variations of temperature (hot & cold), duration of trip, difficult terrain. Risks and physical exertion of river excursions and associated activities. However, our trips are designed to be within the capabilities of the general public who enjoy good health and are moderately fit and adaptable. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to refuse participation without furnishing reasons in which event you will be entitled to a full refund.

We reserve the right without notice to make use of any photographic material or film taken on the safaris by our staff for general publicity or marketing purposes without payment or notice.

The legal guardian of anyone under the age of 21 participating in a trip shall be required to sign the Booking and Indemnity forms.

In Conclusion – This contact shall be interpreted according to the governing laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Persons booking on behalf of a group of participants must ensure that Xama Adventures cc indemnity is signed by all participants on arrival at the camp venue or indemnity form signed prior to a trip departure. It is compulsory that this form be signed by the legal guardian of any participant under 21 years of age. NB Lack of signature will preclude participation in this event. Bookings for a group by an individual will be responsible for the cancelation fee structure if cancelled. Any damages will be for the account of the group and or booking individual.

I accept full responsibility for any loss I might suffer as a result of injury, illness or loss of life or damage or loss to property that I or any of my party may sustain during the proposed trip from any cause whatsoever or however arising. I indemnify and hold Xama Adventures cc, its agents, employees/associates, harmless against any such claim and without derogating from generality hereof.
I confirm that I am aware of the risks involved in river excursions and associated activities. For Instance these risks include loss or damage to personal property, injury or fatality, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities and exposure to temperature extremes or inclement weather. Knowing the inherent risks and dangers involved, I certify that I and my family / party members are fully capable of participating in these activities.
That Xama Adventures cc has allowed me, my family / party to participate in this excursion subject to the condition that I, my family / party members will obey the lawful instructions of the guides and their deputies covering any aspect of the excursion. I also acknowledge that I am fully bound and will comply with instructions.
I/we similarly voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in such excursions. My general health is good and there is nothing to my knowledge, which renders me unfit to partake in such excursions. With my signature I hereby acknowledge having accepted the terms and conditions that appear above. Please note that the legal guardian must sign if guest is under 21 years of age.

16. LIABILITY DISCLAIMER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In no event shall Fish Eagle River Camp be liable for any monetary compensation, special indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, including loss of profits or personal assets, whether in action in contract or not, arising out of the use of the establishment.